All rates include gas and insurance.

*Each booking includes 200 km free of charge per booking.  If a booking is more than 24 hours, the member shall receive 200 free km per full day booked or pro-rated for the final day according to the number of hours booked the final day.  Kilometre rates otherwise apply.

Application and Annual Costs

The application fee is a one-time $25 (plus HST) per driver with a minimum of 3 drivers are required for a business account.  Upon verification, your annual membership is $100 which gives you access to the reservation system and vehicles. A refundable $25 deposit per driver is required for each SmartKey.

Additional Members

Business accounts require a minimum of 3 drivers to be registered.  Additional Drivers may be added to your account at any time.  You will receive billing for multiple drivers on a single account.  Additional Drivers have full access to the reservation system and vehicles, and receive their own SmartKey. 

Refer-A-Friend Program

For every friend or additional business that signs up as a new member of Options for Cars and lists you as the member who referred them, you will receive a $50 driving credit.


Receive up to 10% off your monthly driving with CAR MILES credits. If your monthly bill is over $100 (before taxes), you will receive 5% back in CAR MILES credits that can be applied to your next month’s driving bill. If your bill exceeds $200, you receive 10% back in driving credits.

Fuel surcharge

Whenever the price of a litre of gas exceeds $1.25 on average for a month - a nominal fee based on km driven will be assessed to offset this cost.