Gas & Insurance

Gas and insurance are included to keep car sharing as simple as possible!


Unlike rental companies, Options doesn’t require members to re-fill the gas tank after every drive. Part of the car sharing philosophy is to share responsibility of re-filling the tank when it is low (less than ¼ full). There is a gas card present in every vehicle saving everyone time and hassle and ensuring fuel expenses are fairly distributed.


Another great benefit of car sharing is that by sharing the vehicle, each person's share of the insurance is less than if you had to insure your own vehicle. Approved drivers are fully insured under the Co-operators Group. Additionally, as you drive under Options' insurance, you are building insurance history through us which will save you thousands of dollars if you decide to obtain insurance for your own vehicle in the future.

$750 Insurance Deductible

In the event of an at-fault accident, the member at fault is responsible for the $750 deductible and out-of-service costs just as if they were driving a personally-owned vehicle. Additionally, the driver will have his/her membership suspended. The one exception is a scratch or scrape caused during parking the car. In this case, the member is still responsible for the $750 deductible but their membership will be placed on probation and their deductible will increase to $1,000. Should the member have a second claim within a 24 month period from the time of the first claim, the deductible will be $1000 and their membership will be suspended. If the driver is deemed not to be at-fault, then there are no costs to be paid. (Limited to one claim per member.)

$0 Insurance Deductible

You may elect for a $0 deductible in the case of an at-fault accident. This can be achieved in two ways:
  1. Many credit card companies provide $0 deductible insurance policies to card holders when they use car share automobiles. It is up to the member to ensure your card has this feature and follow the limitations and restrictions.
  2. Options offers a one-time $0 deductible option for a fee of $60 per year. This is only available to members who have not had any claims. Once a claim is made, this option is no longer available to that member.