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Application for Members & Drivers

Terms and Conditions of Car Share Membership

Car Share Member Responsibilities

  1. To use Options for Cars' (Options) vehicles, you must be an approved Member in Good Standing (see below) and have signed an Options Car Share Membership Agreement.
  2. You may not use an Options vehicle without booking it through the Options Reservation system.
  3. You agree to return the car on time − other members may be waiting.  If you will be late, you will inform Options as soon as possible to extend your reservation and give Options as much time as possible to make arrangements for other members.  You will be charged an additional fee (see attached Fee Schedule) if you return the vehicle late.
  4. You will not smoke, or carry pets without a carrier, in an Options vehicle.  Charges will be made if this is not followed (see Fee Schedule).
  5. You agree to lock the vehicle at the end of your trip, and ensure that all windows are properly closed.
  6. You will not allow any other driver to drive an Options vehicle, other than other drivers approved by Options - (except in an emergency situation). You may, however, take as many passengers as there are seat belts in your car.
  7. Children under the age of 12 are required to use the rear seats and, where applicable, must use child seats appropriate to their age and size. 
  8. Leave the car clean.
  9. You are responsible for observing and complying with all applicable laws.
  10. You are responsible for and will pay for all fines, tickets, penalties, or damages, including towing charges not covered by Roadside Assistance.
  11. You agree to inspect the car before departing on your trip and after returning and agree to report any damage, either caused or found by you, using the damage log form provided in the car’s glove box.
  12. You agree to fill up the fuel tank using the gas card provided if the fuel level falls below 1/4 tank.
  13. You agree to co-operate fully with Options insurer in any claim that is made.
  14. Options will undertake regular maintenance of Options vehicles.  However, during the booked period, you must ensure that brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, windshield washer and power steering fluid levels meet operator's manual specifications.  You must also ensure that tire pressure is maintained at operator's manual specifications.
  15. You are responsible for maintaining a low noise level at the designated parking spot and to park only in that spot.  Immediately report any illegal use of the spot by a non Options vehicle to Options staff.
  16. Particular care should be exercised when using roof racks or bike racks.  You must ensure that they are well secured to the Options vehicle and that any bicycles or other gear is properly secured to the racks.  You must also ensure that neither the rack nor gear will damage the Options vehicle.

Designated Driver

An Options Member may choose to have a Membership but let someone else do the driving.  In this case, the Member must send the name and licence number of the potential Designated Driver to Options for the required driver's check.  If approved, the Designated Driver is permitted to drive under that Member's account.  No one is permitted to drive an Options vehicle until this approval has been given by Options. 

The Member is billed for, and is responsible to pay the usage fees incurred while the Designated Driver is driving.  Each Member can have up to 2 Designated Drivers included with their Membership.  For an additional fee (see Fee Schedule), extra Designated Drivers can be added to the Member's account.

Valid Licence Required

You (or your Designated Driver) must carry a current driver's licence that is valid in the province of Ontario with you during every trip.  Your right to use an Options vehicle is conditional on you or your Designated Driver having possession of a valid driver's licence.  If you or your Designated Driver's licence is suspended, withdrawn or expires, for whatever reason, your right or your Designated Driver's right to drive expires immediately.  You must inform Options immediately of any suspension, expiry or withdrawal of you or your Designated Driver's licence.

Prohibited Uses of Vehicles


·      Drive an Options vehicle without a prior reservation.

·      Carry persons or property for hire (i.e. taxi or parcel delivery service) – you may use the car for ancillary business purposes such as attending meetings.

·      Drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.

·      Fail to provide a breath sample when requested by police.

·      Drive an Options vehicle for any illegal purpose or in the commission of a crime.

·      Fail to stop at the scene of an accident you are involved in.

·      Operate the vehicle in a dangerous manner.

·      Fail to report any damage that you have caused to an Options vehicle.

·      Drive off graded or paved roads or driveways.

·      Carry more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts or fail to ensure that all occupants fasten their seatbelts, including yourself.

·      Load the vehicle beyond its rated capacity.

  • Drive the vehicle in any race or competition,

·      Carry animals in the vehicle without a carrier.

·      Allow smoking in any of the vehicles

·      Allow a non-approved driver to drive an Options vehicle.

·      Drive an Options vehicle outside Canada.


The Options insurance policy covers you for liability to others while you are driving Options vehicles. If you have an accident where you are “at-fault”, you are responsible for up to $750 in damage caused to Options car or other vehicles.            

If you fail to report damage and the insurer determines that you are responsible you will be charged $250 in addition to the $750 deductible.

Make sure you walk around the vehicle before you drive and immediately report new damage to Options for Cars.  Unless you have deductible waiver insurance, you are responsible for the first $750 in unreported damages.

[It is possible that you could reduce your deductible to $0 if you have a VISA or MasterCard with collision coverage on file with us which you use to pay your Options usage fees.  You must check the details on your credit card to see if this feature applies to you.]

Deductible waiver insurance is available from Options for $60 per year.  Options reserves the right to restrict the renewal of deductible waiver insurance if the member has invoked the use of the waiver in a given year. By signing this agreement, you are automatically opting out of this program. If you choose to join this program at a later date, your membership will begin upon receipt of the $60 fee.

You may also be liable for the entire cost of vehicle repair or replacement and claims made by third parties if Options insurance policy does not apply (i.e., you were in breach of any of the prohibited uses above).

You are responsible for the cost associated with repairing a vehicle - to a maximum of $3,000 - if the incorrect fuel is used to refuel.  Please check the gas cap of your vehicle if you are unsure as to the type of fuel it uses.

Member in Good Standing

Options Members must meet the following criteria to be and remain in good standing:

  1. Be 25 years of age or older
  2. Hold a valid and full “G” class Ontario licence and have held a valid licence for a minimum of 3 years (including G1/G2 experience);
  3. Have a good driving record in the last 3 years which meets the following criteria as established by our insurer:

·      no more than 2 minor infractions

·      no at-fault accidents

·      no major convictions (includes speeding convictions 40km+ over the speed limit)

·      no outstanding careless driving or criminal driving charges (e.g. careless/dangerous/impaired driving, racing, failure to pass or submit to a breath test, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, insurance fraud).

Members agree to inform Options if their driving record changes such that they would no longer qualify as a Member in Good Standing. Options will check Members' driver's records annually and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the Membership of any Member who does not meet Options driving record requirements.

Membership criteria may be changed from time to time by Options or by the Insurance Company.

Liens and Impoundment

If the vehicle is towed or impounded for illegal parking while you have booked it, you are responsible for recovering the vehicle and paying any costs arising from the vehicle being towed.

If, without the approval of Options you allow a lien to be placed on an Options vehicle or allow the vehicle to be impounded (for instance, by failing to pay for repairs which you have authorized) you are responsible for all costs, court and legal fees incurred by Options in pursuing the speedy return of the vehicle as well as any service charges in the Fee Schedule.

Reservation Cancellation: 

There are no fees associated with reservations cancelled more than 4 hours before the start time or within 1 hour of booking.  Otherwise, cancellations are charged for the reserved time less any hours used by another member for that car.

No Show to Reservation:

If you do not show up to use a car when you have reserved it you will be charged for the full amount of the reserved time.

Returning the Car

  1. You must return the car before the end of your reservation. Late returns are subject to charges and your member status will be reviewed. If you know you will be late, you may be able to extend your reservation.
  2. Before returning the car, check that there is at least ¼ tank of fuel and if the vehicle needs a car wash.  Use the gas card in the glove box to fill the tank.
  3. When the car is returned, make sure to:

·      close all windows and turn off the ignition;

·      tidy the car and throw out all garbage;

·      lock the doors with your SmartKey to activate the immobilizer.

Please respect your fellow members. Make sure the vehicle is locked and clean.

Payment of Fees

There are per hour and per kilometer charges for using Options vehicles. See the Fee Schedule for current pricing.  Usage fees are subject to federal and provincial taxes. 

Additionally other incidental charges will be payable as per the Fee Schedule.

At the end of each month you will receive a monthly statement detailing your use of Options vehicles.  A penalty of 2% per month will be assessed on balances that exceed 30 days.  Additionally, Options reserves the right to deny service to members whose accounts have not been paid with the 30 day period.

Membership in the Co-op vs. Membership in the Car Share

Membership in Options for Cars Car Share does not automatically confer voting membership in Options for Cars Co-operative.  Voting membership in Options for Cars Co-operative will be granted to Members of the Car Share who exceed $700 annual usage of the service.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know at:


Options for Cars: Car Share Membership Agreement

Welcome to Options for Cars Car Share. 

The following is the agreement between me (the Member of the Car Share) and Options for Cars Co-operative Inc.(Options).  

In exchange for a membership fee (if applicable), SmartKey deposit and timely payment of usage fees according to Schedule 1: Membership Rates, Fines and Fees (the Fee Schedule),  Options will provide me with access to vehicles owned or leased by the company and will pay for these vehicle-related expenses: fuel, regular maintenance and non-at-fault repairs.  

I understand that Options will endeavour to ensure vehicles are well maintained and clean and will regularly inspect the vehicles. I also recognize that as a Member:

·      I share responsibility for the safety of the vehicle by reporting any problems or concerns promptly to Options;

·      I am responsible for cleaning up after myself (including beverage and food containers, pet hair etc.) and returning the vehicle on time and;

·      I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership set out in the attachment to this Agreement which describes the rights and responsibilities of Members and of Options for Cars Co-operative.

I agree that Options may amend the Terms and Conditions and/or Fee Schedule at any time by notice to me.


I may terminate my Membership in Options at any time, . Options may terminate my Membership at any time, upon notice to me.

If my Membership is terminated (by me or by Options), I will be liable for all account balances owing.  In the case where there are multiple drivers on the account, I understand that our liability for the account is both joint and severable.

Regardless of which party terminates, I will return all Options property (SmartKey, etc.) and I will receive a refund of any deposit due to me, less any outstanding account balance. Such refund shall be made no later than thirty days after I return all Options property.


In the event of damage or injury caused by a defect in an Options vehicle, unless Options was in breach of its duty to me under this Agreement, I will accept whatever compensation Options is able to obtain from the manufacturer following its reasonable efforts, in full satisfaction for such injury or damage.

Options guarantees that it:

·      will use reasonable care in the performance of its services,

·      will have a program of regular preventative maintenance and

·      will deal reasonably and promptly with reported problems.

Subject to the above, I waive my right to sue or make claims against Options and its directors, officers, agents, employees or other Members for any damage or loss arising out of or in connection with:

·      a vehicle not being available when it was reserved;

·      a malfunction, defect  or deficiency in a vehicle;

I also agree to indemnify Options and its directors, officers, agents or employees any liability or expense (including legal fees and costs) incurred as result of a claim by a third party for damages arising out of my use of an Options vehicle, unless Options would have been liable to me, if the damages had been incurred by me.

The above expresses the full obligation of Options to the Member and is in place of a warranty, expressed or implied. Options will not be liable for any damage, injury to persons or property, loss of profits, or any indirect or consequential damages, howsoever caused.


If any part of this agreement is not enforceable, then that unenforceable section will be considered deleted from the agreement and the remaining parts of the agreement will continue to be in effect.  The parties further agree to substitute for the unenforceable section a valid section that most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the unenforceable section.

This Contract is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the applicable laws of Canada .

I have read, understood and agree with all of the above by checking the accept box below.