Options for Cars Rates

Non-profits share the best rates

Designed to be simple and cost effective, Options can offer the best rates for trips around town.
All rates include gas and insurance.

*Each booking includes 200 km free of charge per booking.  If a booking is more than 24 hours, the member shall receive 200 free km per full day booked or pro-rated for the final day according to the number of hours booked the final day.  Kilometre rates otherwise apply.

Application and Annual Costs

The application fee is a one-time $25 (plus HST), non-refundable deposit used towards verifying your driving history. A refundable $25 deposit is required for your SmartKey. The total cost to join is $50 (plus HST).
Your $50 annual membership fee is waived for your first year of membership.

Refer-A-Friend Program

For every friend who signs up as a new member of Options for Cars and lists you as the member who referred them, you will receive a $50 driving credit.

Additional Members

Adding an Additional Driver to your account allows you to receive billing for multiple drivers on a single account.  Additional Drivers have full access to the reservation system and vehicles, and receive their own SmartKey. Additional Drivers save 50% on their annual membership fees.
As an added feature, SmartKeys under the same account will be able to access the vehicle under each other’s reservations.

Designated Drivers

Designated Drivers are useful for people who want the benefit of using a car but not driving it. This applies to members who don’t like to drive or who are unable to do so. For a reduced fee, you can designate other drivers that meet Options membership criteria to drive on your behalf.
Designated Drivers differ from Additional Members in that they do not have their own SmartKey or access to the reservation system.  Designated Drivers are also required to be with the Member when using the vehicles. There are no costs for up to two Designated Drivers when the Primary Member elects not to be insured under the Options policy. Additional Designated Drivers may be added for $15 annually.


Receive up to 10% off your monthly driving with CAR MILES credits. If your monthly bill is over $100 (before taxes), you will receive 5% back in CAR MILES credits that can be applied to your next month’s driving bill. If your bill exceeds $200, you receive 10% back in driving credits.

Fuel surcharge

Whenever the price of a litre of gas exceeds $1.25 on average for a month - a nominal fee based on km driven will be assessed to offset this cost.